Thursday 23 February 2012

Strictly for wearing - Streetwear Retrospective

One of the problems with doing a streetwear retrospective is that once you go back past a certain point unless you own the garments yourself finding photos of them can be really difficult. I was telling this problem to a friend of mine the other day and he suggested that I got in touch with an old head called Mikey Dread. Rumour was that Mikey had never thrown an item of clothing away. So I got in touch with him and after a brief conversation about the kind of stuff I was looking for he sent me these photos over.
Naf Naf was a staple of the UK hardcore era, known for there bubble jackets and colourful tee shirts they were a perfect accompaniment to the new flourishing youth culture of the early 90's. At this time there was a lot of french mid range fashion brands being introduced into british streetwear. Along with Naf Naf there was Chevignon and Benneton getting in on the action and with the UK's new found love of positivity and having a good time these colourful brands fitted in perfectly.




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