Sunday, 12 February 2012

Strictly for wearing - Streetwear Retrospective

When Supreme did their Champion colab last year I was really excited. What I would like to have seen was a heavy weight sweat with that little Champion C on the arm and a Supreme graphic on the chest, but unfortunately it did not materialise.

To be honest all I wanted was a replacement for one of my favourite jumpers of all time, the Champion x Fuct collab of about 4 years ago. The sweatshirt from the collection was almost perfection, the cut was taken from the original bat winged sweat and the print on the front was totally unbranded. 

In fact Fuct had used a graphic from an old seventies militant group from California, this for me was great move. I would like to see more street wear brands having the confidence to not use there own logos on there products. I mean on the outside of this top there is not one indication that Fuct has has anything to do with it, this gives the garment a timeless feel.

I know that this might isolate a group of people that like you to know that they're wearing the latest hype brand, but to tell you the truth that really doesn't bother me at all. 



Anonymous said...

Why do people hype about champion reverse weave sweats?? They fit so badly.


Anonymous said...

Even Champion hoods with their sewn in strings are weak, but agreed too much over branding and not enough iconic designs.

Anonymous said...

These weren't the reverse weave ones. But people love them because they are the original. Like all things classic they are often improved on.

Anonymous said...

so tweeting this