Thursday, 1 April 2010

Best Grime Instrumental Of 2010 ???

This post is extremely long overdue but with another MC jumping on the beat nearly every week I have lingered until now to put something together.

The beat in question, which has been causing a ruckus in the grime scene over the last 5 months or so, is the ‘Woooo Riddim’ which was produced by 17 year old producer and member of the Stay Fresh Crew; S-X from Wolverhampton.

If you’ve been listening to Logan’s show or most of the Rinse FM grime DJs for example, you will be fully aware of how prominent this instrumental has become in their sets week after week.

So the questions people are asking are; 'who has the best version of this beat?' and 'Is this the best grime beat of 2010?'

Possibly it’s a little early on in the year to claim that it is the best beat of 2010 especially when there have been various other massive instrumentals causing just as much carnage in the recent months, such as ‘Electric,’ ‘Energy Riddim,’ ‘Air Bubble,’ and ‘UFO,’ to name a few.

I believe D Double E is the one of the most recent MCs to sample this instrumental but I don’t think it’s been leaked yet. Rumour has it that it is easily one of the best.

Watch out for a Rudekid remix coming very soon!

So whose version is the best out of the following? I'm sure I have missed out a couple!

Trilla, Footsie, Dot Rotten, Blacks, P Money, Vital, Tempa T, Kozzie, A2, Mr President, Voltage, Maxsta, Proton, IC, Argon, D-Structo, Rec, Raider, Macca, Menace, J1, Shinobi.




Anonymous said...

Meh I prefer electric

Anonymous said...

doesnt really sound like grime to me its got more of a funky beat to it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Grimes not grimey