Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Pursuit Grooves - Foxtrot Mannerisms

Multiverse music present Pursuit Grooves' debut release "Fox Trot Mannerisms". Releasing on Tectonic it has been compared with Erykah Badu, Madlib, Flying Lotus and Kyle Hall something far from Tectonic's comfort zone of dubstep.

We fired it straight over to our resident reviewer Emile for his verdict..

Artist: Pursuit Grooves
Release: Fox Trot Mannerisms
Record Label: Tectonic

Pursuit Grooves "Fox Trot Mannerisms" Tectonic TECCD008 by Multiverse

Departure; it is all we know of heaven, just as Emily Dickinson understood. This is a sentiment echoed by Tectonic through the reception and release of an artist and sound so far apart from its being, but nonetheless evermore captivating. With flight from the dark expanse of Dubstep, the label has realised Pursuit Grooves and through her Fox Trot Mannerisms, it stands as gateway to an alternate sonic reality.

A clear and open mind is the only condition that must be for one to grasp and savour Fox Trot Mannerisms, for it is not an EP that so readily suits common conception of what music is. Of all the featured tracks, Whisper underscores this point the greatest. Through hypnotic drum-play, soft, warm pads and discordant delay, the track illustrates the abstract whilst permitting a view to an intimate encounter between strangers. These are two scenarios that would otherwise seem alien to each other, but through her unique insight and manipulation of sound, Pursuit Grooves marries them with an ease that results in an uncanny harmony of music and circumstance.

As much as it can be said that Pursuit Grooves embodies an air of otherness, there is much of her that is a presentation of the past. Pieces such as Pressure have a vibe and presence reminiscent of DJ Premier, with its chopped, seemingly screwed flow and bright melody. In a similar fashion, the abrasive bass and penetrative drums of Start Somethin’ are of a nature not so distant from The Neptunes productions, giving the listener grounds upon which to comprehend the elusive character of Pursuit Grooves.

Whether the release of such a record as Fox Trot Mannerisms is an occasion of fleeting fancy or a trend to be firmly established is a question that remains unanswered. Still, this case need not mean that clarification is forthcoming, no matter how sought after it is. Speculation aside, there is only one thing that stands as an undeniable truth between Pursuit Grooves and Tectonic, which is the gleaming quality of Fox Trot Mannerisms.

Words: Emile

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