Tuesday 13 April 2010

KIDROBOT BLACK - SSUReal 'Cradle To The Grave'

Big up Gabe @ KidRobot. The product is available on the KidRobot Black site from 4pm today. Pictures by me.

'Kidrobot Black was created by Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz out of his love for vinyl toys.

The line is inspired by the aesthetic of the late nineties urban vinyl toy movement, with an emphasis on texture and simplicity of form and color. Part of the goal of Kidrobot Black is to revisit this aesthetic and modernize it with cutting edge designs by Kidrobot’s top toy designers.'


'SSUReal From the Cradle to the Grave is a 6-inch, matte black vinyl skull featuring gold chrome-plated ABS teeth, articulated jaw, and a unique, embossed sylvan pattern covering the entire surface of the cranium. Also features a gold embossed Kidrobot x SSUR logo on the base of the skull.

Ruslan Karablin, better known as SSUR, has been a constant presence in NYC’s downtown art scene for almost fifteen years. His body of work encompasses a combination of pop culture, music, Russian cultural influences, and the evolutionary iconography of the 20th century.

Kidrobot Black toys are created especially for Kidrobot's most devoted fans and collectors and each toy is produced as a super-limited run.'


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