Saturday 3 April 2010

Skitz Sticksman


Its been a few years since Skitz came with the UK Hip Hop classic "Country Man"album. Now he's back with "Sticksman" the album artwork was done by Pete Loveday the same guy that did Reps's The Saga Of a Peaceful man album artwork. This new video have just popped up on the net.For the new singles "Struggla" and 'Born Inna System. It features Rodney P and one of my favorite MCs right now called Buggsy from Bristol. The album also features mans like Kardinal Offishal, Skibbadee, Orifice Vulgatron and U.S cats Masta Ace and Wordsworth. This one is going to be one to cop!.Peak the vid below.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant!

managed to sneaky peak the entire album, not a tune on there without meaning in today's society.

Diamond and Gold - my fav xx

Anonymous said...

I thought Countryman was good, I thought Homegrown great, but this is fantastic - big up Sticksman

Anonymous said...

Sticksman is collosal. Shame it didn't get the spotlight it should have. Saying that quality music always shines through!!!

MrBozack said...

This album is awesome. Too many good artists on this album to list.

MrBozack said...

This album is filled with talent. The double disc version is FTW.