Friday 23 April 2010


Trevor Jackson is a London-based creative who works in many fields including graphic design, art direction, moving images, installations and performance; he also composes, remixes and produces music.

Trevor has completed a special graphic research project for the Stone Island Spring Summer ‘010 Collection: 5215 Stone Island Expression.

The project is based on transposing bitmap or raster computer graphics onto fabric in traditional print. In bitmap graphics, by contrast to the commonly used vector graphics, the image is viewed in a grid pattern in which each element or pixel is associated with a specific colour.

Expression is the name for the series of five different-coloured T-Shirts, each with a modulated corrosion bitmap print of a photographic portrait of the artist himself: five “expressions” that are abstract if seen up close, but which take shape and are revealed if observed from a distance.

Picture 2
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Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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