Wednesday 21 April 2010

Eden's Garden

A exhibition of work by MISTER BATLOW and AMAR STEWART.


Brick Lanes EASTGALLERY gallery brings together two individuals from the new breed of multi-tasking artist/ clothing entrepreneurs with a collaborative exhibition titled ‘Eden’s Garden’.
Interpreting the classic biblical reference in their own unique styles, the two artists will be ­presenting a collection of paintings, photography and drawings that highlight their very differing techniques and approaches to the subject.

From amongst the shadows, you will find the monochromatic dark sexual themes of Amar Stewart’s paintbrush and spray techniques while on the other hand you will be hit in the face with bold, tongue-in-cheek humour spraypainted in pop colours by Mister Batlow. The centre piece of the show will be a mural and installation combining the artists two styles with a very special guest: a pet snake.

The show will also host a temporary pop up shop, with a select collection from each of the artists clothing lines; Amar Stewarts ‘Aum Wear’ and Mister Batlows ‘The Ugly Kids Club’. To see previews of the work being exhibited, behind the scenes action and for more


‘Edens Garden’ 23rd April - 5th May 2010.
TOMORROW Private View Thurs 22nd April 2010
214 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA EDEN’S GARDEN
by Amar Stewart & Mister Batlow

loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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