Monday, 26 July 2010

More FREENESS from the producers !!!

Wiley has definitely ignited something contagious with his recent zip file saga that has had the forums and twitter going crazy for the last couple of weeks and it looks as though this trend isn't going to be disappearing any time soon.


For example; last week those who regularly check the forums will be familiar with Skream's latest FREEIZM offering.

This time round he was even more generous than normal throwing a diverse selection of his latest bangers into a zip file for our listening pleasure.

In particular I was pleased to see Meta-Lick had made the final cut along with 'Pick Ya Knees Up' and a tribal 44 mix to his original remix of Geiom's -'Reminissin.'

Other tracks include 'Behind the Curtain,' 'Metal Mouth,' 'Now is the time (skreamix)' and 'Lets going Fucking Mental.'

To grab this latest offering click


Next up Rudekid kindly put up 'The Best VIP' instrumental (used on Ghetts's 'Sing 4 me' single) for free download which much like Skream's offering made a lot of ardent fans very happy after struggling to get hold of such tracks for a very long time.

Keep an eye on Rude Kid's twitter for future free downloads as this is definitely not a first for him and no doubt it won't be the last.

To download 'The Best VIP' click

shock to the system front

The third and final recent free download came from Terror Danjah this afternoon as he put up Aftershock's 'Shock to the System.'

This classic album fom 2007 features a whole range of bangers with some ridiculous MC line ups.

In particular 'Creepy Crawler (Reckless Soldier)' features Triple Threat, Mc Funsta, Shabba D, D Double E, Mc Skibadee, Bruza, Mc Melo D, Hitman Hyper & Ragga Twins

Enough said go download it

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