Wednesday, 14 July 2010



I'm not too sure how long this has been public knowledge but many who witnessed the Soda Stream the first time round will be delighted to hear that they can relive their childhood again to a certain extent.


According to the Soda Stream website the origins of the home carbonation system date back as far as 1903 when it was believed that Guy Gilbey of the famous London Gin Dynasty invented the first ever Soda Stream.


The larger home carbonation system's got progressively smaller and smaller as the 20th century progressed until we were left with a household fizzy drinks machine that will remain a vivid memory of our childhood's.

Check out their new campaign HERE

Here's one of the old ones "Get busy with the fizzy!"

The new and improved Soda Stream is now available to buy on their website with an abundance of great new flavours.

These include Cranberry & Raspbery, Apple & Mango, Kiwi & Pear, Passion Mango and Xstream Energy.

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Anonymous said...

prob the shittest post to date, well done g.

Anonymous said...

love to see how much the underground $ells out...shame...dont you realise that the brands you follow, admire and probably want to emulate realise that authenticity is key to longevity and within 2 years BNTL is being watered down by the quick buck$...c'mon BNTL! f**k soda stream! you loosin' it!

GregTeee said...

After discussion with others about this post I can see how random it comes across amidst content that tends to revolve around streetwear and underground music for the most part.
I wouldn't say its evidence of being a sell out, we still stick to our original content but most of all post stuff that interests us.
This will go into the archives with a load of other posts that haven't interested the readers.
But don't wash your hands of something simply because it doesn't conform to what you are used to seeing.

GregTeee said...

ps. Dont be fooled into thinking that this post came about as a result of someone at Soda Stream emailing us as it didnt.
I just clocked it in the news and decided to put a short piece together about it.

Anonymous said...

I am the person who wrote the last anon... Fair play with your response, big up for writing openly... I as a regular reader appreciate it. Take the anon post as a sign that people care about this site greatly... Something the uk is proud of... Keep the usual quality high - as usual!
Thank you for replying like an adult ( too often on blogs things get childish very quickly)...respect bntl

Last anon