Wednesday, 21 July 2010

We Dream The Same Dream‏

The good ladies over at the The Firm present Nina Manandhar’s debut solo show – We Dream The Same DreamPrivate View: Thursday 5th August at Exposure Gallery

"Nina Manandhar will be exhibiting a selection of photos from her growing collection of reportage photography that explores contemporary British youth culture and the notion of engaging with it as opposed to taking from it. The photos on display challenge the mainstream teenage aesthetic by capturing what is not essentially deemed newsworthy in popular publications, going beyond demographic stereotypes and into the world and places of the individual, empowering the subject - in this case, youth.

This celebratory collection of photographic work examines the use of style as a tool for identification and community forming among young people today. Nina Manandhar’s immersion in contemporary youth culture through her collaborative arts projects is inspiration and entry point for her photography and social research. Through this she is able to engage beyond a typical photographer/subject dynamic and truly engage with the young people she photographs, depicting an unseen slice of London life for the archives that would otherwise go undocumented.

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Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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