Wednesday, 23 February 2011

C Law for Addict

If you queue up outside Size and pay over the odds for badly made shoes then shame on you.
The sneaker culture took a battering over the past 5 years, the re sellers, hype beasts and wannabe's owned and destroyed the market.

I cringe when I see 20 year old kids talking about their collection of dunks and yeezy's. Rate a shoe for your own reasons and know your history. I found some black on black Clydes the other day and I couldn't even share my excitement with anyone. Anyway here's an educational video from one of the pioneers...

Addict I salute you for working with Chris Law.


Lewis Norris said...

c-law really knows his shit

Anonymous said...

That was a waste of 10 minutes.
Trainer nerd talk is probably the most boring topic i can think of. Seriously dry.

Anonymous said...

The guy says "love that shoe" alot

Ollie Danger said...

It's not for everyone. Just stick to what you do!

spirits said...

yeah us real guys are rare though - it could be one particular suede colour that speaks to you or just every old skool, half cab, campus - keep it classic and without all the patent pink and hype.

doesn't make you a casual nor an idiot to just respect classic design.

spirits said...

just watched the vid and he's a total g.

the cycles of his work, camo, record bags and addict in particular are ridiculous - they've stuck to their guns the whole time and seen that whole vibe come in and out again and again - probably like 3 waves of that in the last 6 years alone.

makes all the fickle hype kids redundant and true practicality never goes out.

respect the family man and fuck the daily street.