Monday, 14 February 2011

The Producer Interview Series // Teeza

A few years ago we started to see discussion that it was finally the 'producer's time' to come through and gain the recognition they rightfully deserved within the grime scene which is widely characterised by the dominance of the MC's.

Little by little we began to start seeing new names cropping up, hearing a much greater experimentation with sound and an abundance of instrumental releases apearing from all corners of the British Isles.

Over the last 18 months in particular we have seen the emergence of not only a 'new breed' of MC's within the scene but also an influx of relatively fresh producers along with producers who are finally getting noticed for their production which is appearing more and more on radio shows that perhaps in the past wouldn't have given new producers the time of day.

In order to showcase a selection of these afformentioned producers I got in contact with 5 of them to find out a little more about their productions and views on the current state of the scene.

The first producer on this interview series is Teeza.

I'll let the interview and his track for download do the remainder of the explanation.

1.First off please introduce yourself and give us a brief background to your work.

I go by the name Teeza, I’m a writer/producer from West London.

Started out in 2002/03 as a DJ & beat maker, got involved in some writing also at a later date. I’ve had features from the likes of; JME, Lethal B, Wretch 32, Sway, Dot Rotten, Maxsta and various other Grime & HipHop artists within our scene.

I’ve appeared on Kiss 100 & BBC 1xtra live as well as had my music aired on the radio by DJ’s such as Logan Sama, Tim Westwood, Mista Jam etc.

Here I am today striving to work my way up and become a well establish musician from the UK.

2.When did you first get into producing music and how did it come about?

It was roughly around a year after my brother had bought the old Sony PlayStation One and he had a game called Music which enables you to create your own beats from scratch or with loops/recorded samples. As a curious kid I checked it out, loved it, kept practicing and I never stopped since.

3.What would be your one piece of advice for up and coming producers?

Forever try and better yourself and never give up on your goal. If it’s in your heart to make music, don’t let it escape. Do you, be creative, educate yourself, work hard and good results will follow on.

4.What has been your most favourite moment in grime so far?

There have been quite a few moments that have been good to/for me. If I had to pick one I’d pick ‘Bounce’ being Jam Hot beat of the week on BBC 1xtra (Mista Jam’s show).

5.What can we expect from you over the coming months / year?

We’ve got the Bounce EP release in February under Earth 616.
New Firecamp single featuring Scrufizzer & Lady Leshurr.
More EP releases, more features, a few album cuts possibly, radio appearances etc.

You should see my name floating about a lot so just keep an eye out for me.

Beat Creatures/HeatFeltEnt/Futuristic Records.

Teeza - Criminal Ways by BNTL



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