Sunday, 10 June 2012

Champion - Crystal Meth

Visuals to accompany Champion's absolutely massive, high octane track 'Crystal Meth,' have finally landed!

The video features footage from the Butterz 2nd Birthday event at Cable, that took place back in March. Despite this having been possibly one of the initial times that this track was actually played out in a club you can still see the reaction when it was dropped was huge. So once this is released at the end of the month and given the radio play that it has received you can guarantee an even greater riotous reaction when you hear it at Cable in July.

Filmed and edited by Andres 'KNite' Albert.

Champion - 'Crystal Meth' out on Butterz at the end of the Month.

Pre-order the vinyl HERE

Butterz & Hardrive @ Cable - 7th July

Champion - Twitter

Butterz - Twitter

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