Sunday, 10 June 2012

M.I.K. - Mor£ (Out Now)

I rarely post, or even pay that much attention to grime MCs mainly because I much prefer the instrumental side of the genre however there is absolutely no denying that for a good while now Family Tree have been firmly in control witin the grime scene in terms of radio appearances, releases and freestyle videos.

In particular M.I.K stands out for me as one of the more creative MCs in recent years and with his memorable punch lines and careful instrumental selection it has lead him towards an ever increasing amount of exposure and bookings.

His latest offering entitled 'Mor£' is out right now on Launchpad Records and features production from Family Tree and Woofer Music producer and representative; Faze Miyake.

Other tracks on the EP include remixes with Family Tree, a heavy-weight bassline remix from DJ Q and also the accapella.

'Mor£' is out right now on iTunes.

Launchpad Records - Twitter

M.I.K. - Twitter

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