Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hip-Hop On Trial

Hip Hop goes on trial over at the Barbican on the 26th of June at 7pm. This could be either really, really good, or equally terrible. Hip Hop has provided one of the great focal points for socio-political discourse for post-modern society, the rhetoric surrounding the "culture" has been beaten and berated for some time. Hopefully this is good and adds weight to the conversation. We all know the Channel 4 and Beeb docs over the years have watered this dialogue down no end but in equal measure the likes of Nelson George have added much clarity and weight to the discussion.  The Blastmaster KRS will be in attendance and with the likes of ?uestLove, Hattie Collins, Estelle, Q-Tip and P.J.O'rourke adding their ten pence online this is worth your time at least.


 This June, Intelligence Squared and Google team up for a never-before-seen global debate on hip-hop. Is rap an art form that gives the street a voice? Or is it all just money, misogyny and materialism? Come and see hip-hop pioneer and legend KRS-One, celebrated civil rights activist Jesse Jackson, computer scientist and composer Jaron Lanier, and many more stars lock horns in the unique Intelligence Squared/Google+ courtroom debate format. Some of our speakers will be on stage in London, others beamed in from around the world thanks to the Google+ Hangout technology. 

 Be part of the buzz of the London audience, be part of the event beamed across the web to millions. Come and witness the future of the global mind-clash at the Versus hip-hop debate, live at the Barbican. 

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