Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Kool Keith - 'Goodbye Rap'

Whether Kool Keith is really retiring or not, who knows. The Ultramagnetic MC, Doctor Octagon aka Black Elvis is one of the true legends of rap. While many lament over the "weirdness" of Odd Future, Keith's been doing weird shit from day.



“Goodbye rap. This song is about everybody involved in hip-hop. People that just came into this business so late. All the DJs that don’t know what they are doing, that don’t know real records. And everybody that think they can rap, wasting time. This song is called ‘Goodbye Rap.’ This song is the last song/ I quit rap, couldn’t find competition/ I threw hip-hop in the garbage/ The rap hall of fame had to pay homage/ While everyone was fat cookin’ sausage/ I was wearin’ ostrich/ Rap ain’t been the same since I had it hostage/ The last song I guess was written wrong/ First class flight I’m leavin’ MCs to fight over who’s the best, I’m gone/ To a secret shelter in space/ An astronaut ready to take off/ Go home to the Bat Cave and take my cape off/ A rock star, still I will shock tomorrow/ Rap went out the door, all MCs cry with tears/ Miss my metaphor/ Inspiration gone now they gotta see artificial tissue on tour/ From the Bronx, true story/ Ask Bambaataa and Kool Herc/ I don’t rap no more/ I don’t rap no more."

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