Thursday, 1 April 2010

Summer Recomendation 1

As we all know last weekend the clocks went forward an hour. Telling us all that summer was on the way, so I've decided to compile a few garment piece recommendations for the summer '10.

First one up is my shoe of 2009. The Comme De garcons X Converse. The tonal colour of cream canvas and the bright red heart makes this shoe silently stand out.

Can't lie I personally prefer my high tops to my low tops in this particular shoe.
The the low tops do have benefits which the hightops do not.
The bad thing about the high tops is that if you wear them with good denim bleeding is most likely to occur.


Whereas with the low top the bleeding is less likely to take place and they kinda look better underneath rolled up chinos which is looking like its gonna be the summer staple again.

Never personally been a fan of that dirty converse look or dirty look full stop so make sure you keep crisp and clean.

The only down side with this shoe, is they come with a pretty hefty price tag in comparison to a pair of normal chuck taylors. At £85 for the high and £80 for the low, some may say there to expensive but I FUCK IT YOU GOT TO GET A PAIR OF THESE.
In the past month or so Dover and a few over shops have had a re-stock in all sizes so don't sleep. They also come in black.

Available from
Dover Street Market.
End Clothing

Presents - 140 Shoreditch High St London, E1 6JE – tel: 02070330500

Loving bntl like a fat kid love cake.


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