Thursday, 19 May 2011

Brand vs Brand

Had a conversation a few months ago about how so many clothing brands are now exactly the same. You can go into any of these popular stores and pick up two shirts and I guarantee if you couldn't see the tag you'd think they were from the same brand. Norse are one of the biggest culprits, the majority of their gear has no identity and before you say it I know its about the quality but that should be standard.

If you're going to charge these prices then come with some originality and personality. This isn't a hate thing...Norse you are indeed smashing it.

Anyway this post isn't about clothing its about balls. I wanna see the days come back where brands weren't scared to call out their competition. You should have the confidence in your product to go against anyone. Maybe that should be said in everyday life as well. If you don't like something then don't be afraid to say it.

Some good examples of brands once having balls are...

Pespi vs Coke

Adidas vs Nike

*Edit: Norse is probably not the worst culprit, I said this for affect. Don't want to offend any Norse fans.


Anonymous said...

Brand this... Brand that...
for god sake.

wake. up.

FucknFilthy said...

27 seconds on the adidas add - has to be larry davids.

Anonymous said...

fuck adidas

Anonymous said...

fuck pepsi

Anonymous said...

fuck coke and fuck nike

corrupt culprits and fuck norse too

Visvim and Wtaps FTW