Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nandos x Monorex Sketch Event

Nandos Sketch 22nd May 9am - 6pm @ The Oxo Tower: Barge House

Nandos have teamed up with Monorex to give young people a chance to try their hands at some of the more contemporary artforms.
These include: T-shirt printing, Pen drawing battles, Prop design and Spray painting.
These masterclasses will be headed up by Jimi Crayon, Mr K, Stika, Jamie Brown, Jiggery Pokery and Hit + Run and promise
to be as fun as they are insightful.
Jimi Crayon says:
'We want to give people a chance to have a go at something they might not have tried before and see if we can get them
hooked on a new skill'
There will be music, a freestyle art room for anyone to turn up and draw and of course some FREE CHICKEN.

For more info and to sign up for masterclasses click HERE.

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