Thursday, 5 May 2011

Goodstuff App Launch

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I had a hand in putting together this App with a friend of mine. My Oslo connect Hally came to me with an idea for an App that made sneaker and clothing buying easier. The concept was genius in my eyes....i'm sure i'm not the only one who's reached a European city and had no idea where those 'exclusive' spots were.

It's not about walking around with a road map so i'd usually try and wing it which always left me mad frustrated.

The Goodstuff App has collated all the best spots on the planet. The GPS does all the clever stuff, wherever you are on the planet within seconds this App will tell you whats your closest store. You're probably thinking this isnt anything new but whats different about The Goodstuff App is that it gives you all the info about each and every store...from the brands it carries to its opening times. The guy's have been working tirelessly for over a year now to make sure they've not missed out any stores and they also offer 'sync' so you get regular updates.



Copp from HERE.

Peep the site HERE.


Anonymous said...

uve dogged the pics below with this - have some respect m8

Anonymous said...

Erm, margin already made this app?


No hate at all, but we do have something very similar called the Stradd app which launched a bit earlier. Nothing is original though I guess. +

american apparel stock room said...

erm, would be coolio to see support for the android platform... i know the *cough* margin+ *cough* one does!

Anonymous said...

Nothing screams rob me like a tourist with an iPhone looking for 'exclusive kicks'.

You should know that above everyone Ollie after what happened to you on Upper Clapton Road.

Anonymous said...

rah times like this it sucks donkey balls actually having a blackberry real talk


Allow Olly. Hes safe.

Anonymous said...

But the Margin app looks like it's pretty local in the UK? Or only in some UK-cities? Goodstuff is worldwide, like "all" cities in teh world. Check out their FB-page for more info:

Unknown said...

Cool, did'nt see the Stradd app. Checked it and it looks nice, so good luck to them as well..

I would say our app is a bit more comprehensive though, more possibilities for browsing around, finding stores from a brand, tag or a specific citys, so people should just check them and make up their own mind.

That is also why ours isn't on Android yet, cause the programming is heavy, and with Android it is doing it all over again, but it will launch later on this year. And cool updates for this one is coming soon to. So be on the lookout.

Anonymous said...

really dope idea. looks nice and neat too.

thing which would be cool in the future when using the app in other cities (probably not possible) is to be able to plan routes from a wifi spot. that way you don't get nailed with a fat phone bill for roaming on 3G abroad.

nice work thou

Anonymous said...

Well that sounds like A FUCKING SEND!!!!

+ Margin London + said...

Hey, don't know who posted the comment above as "Margin" but it wasn't me (Odysseas) + Just got back to the UK this Tuesday so missed this post and thread until now +

Just to point out, the STRADD app is not merely UK-focused, it's global, and features directional independent stores (mens, womens, streetwear, contemporary, boutique, as long as they're great indies) in all major cities as well as smaller towns across the world +

The majority of the Store Tour videos are of indie stores in the UK as that's where we're based, so perhaps that's where the misconception arose (more international store tour videos coming very soon!) +

Good luck to goodstuff who have produced a nice-looking app to help sneakerheads get their fix (there's plenty of room out there for plenty of apps!) + With Stradd, I wanted to broaden the selection to include not only streetwear stores but all great indies such as the ones featured in the Store Tour videos at the Stradd website, and the sort of stores who regularly visit Margin looking for new design talent +
All the best +