Saturday, 14 May 2011

Something for the iPod...

This post was meant to go up last weekend but due to problems with some of the links and blogger being down for a bit I didn't get round to it.

So I apologise in advance if you've already managed to rinse the following mixes.

But hopefully they will all still be relevant given the fact that the majority of the following tracklists feature stacks and stacks of up-front material.


The first of 3 comes from BNTL extended family member; Moxie with her latest mix for Red Bull Music Studios.

Moxie’s Mix Monday is an ode to the soulful groove pon the dancefloor and her premier forward thinking tune selection

As with all Moxie's mixes expect to hear a wide array of genres, including past classics and up-front bangers, all accompanied by tight mixing skills.

This is definitely one for the iPod during the summer months.

Read the article to accompany the mix HERE

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The second of the mixes comes from a producer and DJ who is finally getting the positive attention he deserves, not just from the house and funky audience, but also outside of that spectrum as well.

The producer and DJ in question is Champion who provides the latest mix for Fact Magazine.

Just like his other recent mixes for various radio shows and club nights they are always littered with heaps of exclusives of both his own productions and also those of many other top producers in the house and funky scene.

FACT mix 245 - DJ Champion (May '11) by factmag

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Look out for his forthcoming 'Motherboard EP' out on Hardrive on May 16th


The last of the mixes comes from one of the best up and coming grime producers at the moment; Faze Miyake.

From a producer who's almost come out of nowhere, in a very short period of time his instrumentals have managed to stand out on radio and club sets alike alongside productions from some of the scene's veterans.

'The Faze Wave' mix includes a number of forthcoming tracks off his 'Take Off EP' out NOW along with a selection of other exclusives produced by himself, Splurt and Spooky.

Faze Miyake - The Faze Wave Mix by Joseph 'JP' Patterson

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'Take Off EP' out on Woofer Music NOW !!!

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