Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hot Wuk Rising Bashment Star Showcase

For the next three weeks The Heatwave and Sticky are popping up in central London to hold some cheeky Sunday night carnivals. Its called Hot Wuk : The Trilogy. Like Star Wars, or The Godfather, except with Bashment instead of spaceships or gangsters.

To kick things off this Sunday the 15th we have a special showcase with some of London's maddest undiscovered dancehall talent.

Get your name down on the guestlist so you can come and see the showcase live. Send names to with BNTL as the subject.

To get you in the mood i'm going to introduce you to each of the artists we have performing on Sunday…

Rising bashment star #1 : Babyboom!

· Biggest tune: Highest Set Ah Grades

· Catchphrase: "2 da world"

I saw BabyBoom smash up I Luv Live last year. It was a lot. Boom started out with King Judah sound and used to roll with the Suncycle family. Now he's linked up with Peckings and Back 2 Da Future music and is doing big things.

For those of you who smoke, you have to listen to his tune Highest Set Ah Grades. It has been getting a lot of play at Heatwave towers over the last few weeks.

Rising bashment star #2 : Fresharda !

· Biggest tune: My Queen

· Catchphrase: "Tipsy wine"

Fresharda tore up Hot Wuk Royal Bashment the other week. Sticky and Gabriel Heatwave were mixing and Fresharda was chatting with his deep voice and sick lyrics. I was trying to wheel the tune every few seconds. To summarise, it was nang.

Rising bashment star #3 : Lante!

· Biggest tune: Rider

· Catchphrase: "Live in flesh"

(Photo : Lante performing with The Heatwave, Lady Chann and Gappy Ranks back in 2005)

Lante was born in Jamaica but moved to London when he was nine, raised in the reggae heartlands of NW10. Lante is now a key part of the Blessed Youth Entertainment family, working with top producer Wundah on recent riddims Flash Forward and Transition.

Rising bashment star #4 : G-Starr!

· Biggest tune: Armz / Better Must Come

· Catchphrase: "Star of the future"

G-Starr is another hugely talented artist working with UK bashment super-producer Wundah. He is currently getting played on 1Xtra representing Blessed Youth Entertainment.

Watch G-Starr holding a vibe with Mr Williamz straight after they recorded their tune Armz:


That’s all from me … peace . See you on Sunday !

Benjamin D

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