Monday, 5 September 2011

Darq E Freaker // Radio 1Xtra Guest Mix

You might have caught this live last week and already witnessed the sheer carnage that occurs during this mix, but if you haven't yet, and you want to hear some up-front and forward thinking grime music ghost mixed by Grand Mixer Dan Gar Dan then look no further.

For those who heard the Darq E Freaker X Grand Mixer Dan Gar Dan 'The Saturn Mix' exclusively put together for BNTL a little while back will be under absolutely no illusions about the levels of energy created when these two collide.


Keep an eye out for forthcoming releases from Darq E Freaker in the coming months on various labels. Information about those will follow as and when.

Darq E Freaker - Twitter

Darq E Freaker - Soundcloud

Grand Mixer Dan Gar Dan - Twitter

Grand Mixer Dan Gar Dan - Mixcloud


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