Friday, 30 September 2011

Sunil Pawar - SLDM900

I've been hearing a lot about this project over the last couple of months and after over a year in production the SLDM900 has finally been realised!!

London artist Sunil Pawar is well know for bridging the gap between art and music and the SLDM900 is his latest venture. He did some pretty amazing speakers, which you can check out on his site.

The SLDM900 is based on traditional reggae sound system dub sirens and effects units, the box mixes together The Dub Mekanix's 100% analogue circuitry together with Sunil's distinctive style of design/artwork.

Designed and created from scratch, the units individual components have been painstakingly sourced from all around Europe, making it a unique and outrageously fresh bit of kit!

The SLDM900 will be on show and able to test at Sunil's latest show 'A Show of Force!' at The Stern Pissarro Gallery next month.

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Anonymous said...

feel blessed to be bigged up by the best! props.Sunny