Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Heatwave Weekly launches tonight ! FREE ENTRY !

A message from Madd Raff :

okay my names Raff and I don’t really watch the internet but if I did I would log on to BNTL three times a day, once after breakfast, once before my lunch and once after lunch in case anything changed or updated during my lunch.

you see matt, he is like batman in the photo world I know that, I see him swooping over rooftops like a myth or a legend just snapping the skyline. no fear of heights. so big up all the BNTL crew because once I went to a BNTL rave and it just ended up with me and a few girls in a hot tub filled with liquid gold just vibesing and drinking rubicon from a crystal goblet. sick night.

anyway so tonight The Heatwave is launching a new night which is named after me. and its free to get in. obviously I will be popping champagne and just wining up and gully creeping everywhere. if you know me you know that’s how I live my life just dancing and running a few jokes and then dancing again. big up my twitter family because I know they know @MADD_RAFF .

and don’t worry yourself BNTL reader because I have invited all your favourite celebrity beanies so you might end up romancing Kelis or Beyonce or the woman from BBC news or a famous tennis player anyway see you there safe.

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