Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What I've Learnt from Art University

So this week and next week is the start of the new school year. As I've now graduated I thought i make a quick round up on what I’ve seen and learned, for those that are about to start, and any one else who will attend any of the universities of the arts for many more years to come.

Quick summary: I attended Central Saint Martin’s for my foundation year and London College of Communication for my degree. So my experience is based primarily from these two institutions, and I’ve also added stuff from various discussions with friends who have recently graduated from other ual institutions.
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1. Have an alternative interest / hobby:


When I say this I don’t mean smoking weed, downloading large amounts of hardcore porn or party popping. Start some fun / productive sh*t with your friends, or get a hobby. Find something to positively sustain yourself with and to occupy some of your free time. 3/4 years in school is a long time, so build something in that time. Bntl has been my alternative interest that has kept me busy. As corny as it may sound, consistently blogging isn’t easy - my brothers in bntl who have been here since ‘07 will agree. And this is along with art curating and a whole bunch of other stuff has kept me active and very approachable for various work and projects.

2. Hard work beats talent if talent don’t work hard:


There's no point in complaining that somebody else doesn’t deserve to be in a position that you’re not in if you’re not doing a thing at all. As talentless as some of the folks in "good" positions are (please note some are DUMBASSHIT), most of them work damn hard. And for the talent or brains that they lack they make it up with hard graft. I tell everybody who complains that if you ain't doing nothing to better your situation, then you ain't shit yourself.

3. Don’t play yourself:


Like most of the fake hip hop rappers out there, there are just as many fake creative kids too, who actually shit from their mouths and talk through their arses. You remember that saying “real recognize real” - I stand by that statement 100%. I can’t count the amount of people I see getting mad love on road, spit that they do this, that and all the rest of it, but at the end of the day, pretty much just party at the bang bang.

4. Don’t make something more than what is.


You just look silly. People will eventually turn around and realize you put the petrol pump to your own ear and gas yourself up.

5. Master what you're good at:


Simple master it and run with it. Put your stamp on it. Because without a shadow of a doubt, some cunt will cat the idea and try moving it on. There’s nothing worse than having something that was yours, then seeing some other person come through and making the shit you were pushing bigger than you did.

6. You don't have to be the complete package once you've finished:


As you draw close to your end of education, please be aware it does eventually end, this ain’t no Peter Pan fairytale sh*t. You don’t have to be the total package who is able to do everything. There so much more to learn about the industry and life in general don't be so hard on yourself.

7. If you don’t need to move out don’t:

awful house TPC

There’s nothing worse than having to return to mum and dads home after 4 years, because you can’t afford your rent, as you’re no longer getting subsidized by the government.

8. Pray to God you get the right teacher:


Teachers (as well as yourself) are the key to a successful education in university. My tutor was a bum-arse whack trout looking individual. I must state that 80% of the tutors at uni of the arts are complete utter BUM-ASS punks, while the other 20% are actually very helpful, inspiring and supportive.

9. Times change:


Beware of what’s going on around you - the fashion world isn’t the only sector in the creative industry that changes. Make sure it’s your priority to know what’s going on in fine art, illustration, advertising, print etc. And better yet, not just in the creative industry, but also in general - the world is bigger than the “scene” or Bricklane. Watching the news at 10 or going on the Guardian website never gave no one the lurgies. That doesn’t just mean going to exhibitions. Hell, I barely go to any exhibitions personally unless I’ve curated it.

10. Be careful before you make big decisions:

Bucks Nets Basketball

Such as changing courses or institutions
the grass is not always greener on the other side. Neither is the meat as you can see from above.

11. It's all based on opinion:


At the end of the day this whole creative field is based on another person’s opinion and your experience.
for example that guy in the picture, i think his hair is FUCKED up. but im sure there some person out there that would totally disagree with me, or better yet if chris brown had such hair it would turn into a trend.
Its no different with creative industry / university. Not every tutor is going to like your stuff.

12. There’s always someone at the bus stop in a better position than you:


So don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on you and be comfortable with yourself. If you still can’t handle it, take a leaf out of o.j. simpson’s book and kill the mother f*cker. Just remember to stay koshty, wait for the bus to come and sit in your seat. There’s enough space for everyone.

13. Money:


Half of these “poor art kids” are fucking rich beyond your wildest dreams, so stay within your own tax bracket and don’t try to ball like them on shopping trips and on nights out. Because the next day, you won’t even be buying the 2 peices of chikcken and chips from the chicken shop, you’ll be reaching for that one 25p spicy wing. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

14. 99% of Uni of the arts is all about money:

Greedy Business Partners

That's all I'll say. Those who have attended will know the mentality of the institution.

15. Playtime:


I was once told by a mate to use uni as my playtime, and my lord, did I play so much. She didn’t mean it in the sense of just going wild, but just being experimental within a time period and environment in which I was able to be as free as I wanted to be.

16. Note none of those thick-arsed-video-hoe looking chicks attend art school:


Im keeping it real, sorry guys and lesbians. So if you like big butts and you can not lie! Go to Brunnel and do some business or engineering course. I guarantee you plenty meat and weave in every direction.

17. I don't exactly know how to put this one, but fuck it I'm just going to say it:

knife2crop copy

This one’s for my people from the hood that just don't want to embrace anything. It's not enough to go through 3 years of art education and come out saying 'oh, I never really spoke to them arty farty people - they weren't my crowd.’ We’re all the same people, just with different interests. If you made more of an effort to integrate, you may have had the pleasure to learn a few new things about life.

18. Research:


Never enter anything you’re not sure of. The internet/ books/ speaking to people there all beautiful tools which can help you make good decisions. Before I attended uni I researched my institution and did a full body check as to what i was getting into. Like wise anything else I ever want to enter.
Could I make cash at the end of the day?
Will this eventually help me to achieve sh*t I always wanted?
Will this do well for my cv?
Are there hot girls where im going?

18. Art uni ain't cheap:


When you think about the silent pressure of having to own a laptop. And then when you look a little deeper you clock the norm is a macbook pro ! Then you add up all the sketchbooks, then all the free intern work your usually expected to do, unpaid. Shit can be wild. I was fortunate enough to have a part time job with good pay and flexible hours, t
ry and get one to.

If you are good at what you do, and people praise you from morning till evening stay humble. Nobody likes a cock head.

Get your attitude straight.

20. Some times being the odd one out is better, some times its not


and that's how I'll finish.

Stay safe, be well, enjoy yourself and good luck with your education.

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


anentryforthediary said...

haaha loved this....helped me kill the worst hour of the day - the one before lunch. Saaaaaaaafe!

Anonymous said...

Big post.

Sunnt said...

well said, wish i was 5 yrs younger and someone told me this shit then! I got there the hard way!

Anonymous said...

shame this only got 1 comment.
just started.
thanks man

LaMagnifique said...

LOL Lego I love you for this list forever.

Anonymous said...

" I must state that 80% of the tutors at uni of the arts are complete utter BUM-ASS punks, while the other 20% are actually very helpful, inspiring and supportive."

never a truer word spoken.

Anonymous said...

'I was once told by a mate to use uni as my playtime, and my lord, did I play so much. She didn’t mean it in the sense of just going wild, but just being experimental within a time period and environment in which I was able to be as free as I wanted to be.'

'experimental' = you trying to tell us you sucked a cock lego??

Alex Jade said...

Brillant! imma blog this on my animation course's blog!

Anonymous said...

Inspirational shit, son.

Anonymous said...

whos back is that at 16! plz respond

Anonymous said...

waawaa waa sort of feel like crying after reading this. I'm last year on six form and I really want to go and do design/architecture/art and the 'arts' uni looks like the best/only place to do it.
What you've said here is the slight impression i've got off people who've gone. Does the uni have alot of job hook ups? or do you really just have to rely on yourself in this cruel world?

misterlego said...

got to rely on yourself.
theres far to many students for the uni to even care about hooking individuals up with jobs.