Wednesday, 21 September 2011

FACT: 08 (Spring 2005)






While rummaging through the office a couple of weeks back I came across this copy of FACT from 2005. For those of you that remember the days before heavy music blogging with a rumour and release, mp3 and mix to download every day FACT was a print publication that you could pick up from varying outlets around town.

In this issue, FACT give a sneak peak into their 'FACT Presents Art: Roll Deep at Phonica Records' on Poland St. A collection of images accompanied 'Roll Deep - The Road Movie'. "A music driven road movie that follows the boys around Limehouse, in their cars and on the street, the film lets the lyrics and sounds from Roll Deep's forthcoming album tell the story of their lives."

The movie was sponsored by Vauxhall and made by Lucia Helena and Ross Allen, with Peter Mallet on photography duty.

Has anyone ever seen this?

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Percy Ingle said...

the DVD came with CD. its good