Friday 16 March 2012

Tune of the day: Kahn & Neek - Percy (How we roll to Nando's)

This latest offering from Bristol's very own Kahn and Neek has been doing the rounds for about a fortnight now and has received a number of mixed responses on forums and blogs alike.

On first impressions there's no denying its hype and energy and the chaos that it will undoubtedly bring to a rave environment. It's got an echoing undertone of old General L.O.K. and Marsta productions and a similar bassline style to Bigshot which will no doubt please those constantly harking back to the grime sound of yesteryear.

At the moment the general consensus is that it will be released sometime later on in the year. Anything that does crop up regarding release dates etc will most likely be on the relevant Twitter and Facebook pages below.

Kahn - Facebook

Sureskank - Facebook

Sureskank - Twitter

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