Thursday, 8 March 2012

PRIVATE VIEW #2 - Photography

And the winner was… Juergen Teller. Basically the fashion photographer beat the war photographer, Simon Norfolk, and a woman who befriends people on the street, Jitka Hanzlov.

1998: Bertien van Manen @ Photographer's Gallery
1998: Juergan Teller: Bjork with Fur Head @ Photographer's Gallery
If Nan Goldin and Larry Clark had children they would probably have conceived some-one like Juegen Teller, maybe with Terry Richardson as the younger brother. I'm glad that they are not a real family though, because the thought of son Terry showing mum Nan some of his photographs is not okay, even if she is did make it cool to photograph yourself having sex.

Teller began photographing for ‘street style’ magazines, such as The Face and i-D, when they were pretty controversial and underground. His overexposed, full-flash snapshot aesthetic now dominates the Vice-style imagery that fill Tumblrs and overflow from magazines, and also characterise mainstream fashion and advertising photography.

He uses a Contax G2 camera with an onboard flash. CLICK CLICK CLICK FLASH FLASH FLASH.

Teller first gained recognition from a shoot he did with model, Kristen McMenamy. Even though it was a fashion shoot, McMenamy is mainly naked, wearing only the words ‘Versace’ scrawled across her breasts. Its pretty ‘fuck you’ to the system, but it’s a shame that now his style has been adopted for such commercial and mainstream means.

On the subject of nudity... Micheal Comte's a don.

1992: Michael Comte: Helena Christensen @ Hamiltons Gallery

The rest...

Wim Wenders
2003: Wim Wenders: Pictures from the Surface of the Earth @ Haunch of Venison
Director of Paris, Texas.

2002: Matthew Barny: The Cremaster Cycle @ Artangel at The Ritzy

2002: Andy Warhol: Polaroids @ Michael Hue-Williams Fine Art

2003: David Goldblatt: Fifty-One Years @ Modern Art Oxford

1979: David Goldblatt: On The Corner of Commissioner and Eloff Streets, Boksburg

This Week 
Gilbert & George / Thomas Ruff

It’s a busy week for private views this week, so I’m recommending you two.
Gilbert & George are opening at all three of White Cube’s spaces, Mason’s Yard, Hoxton Square, and Bermondsey. Once I saw George walk down the High street. He went into every newsagent and bought an Alcopop in each.

The second exhibition you should check out is Thomas Ruff at Gagosian gallery. He has NUDES at Davies street and ma.r.s. at Britannia street- take your pick. I would actually recommend NUDES, he lifts images from porn sites and then digitally manipulates them, they start to look like paintings, it questions the role of the artist and what constitutes art, etc. Gagosian don’t serve drinks so I recommend starting here and then to the beer tents pitched outside the White Cube.

Opening Soon: Gilbert and George, Thursday 8th March 6 – 8pm @ White Cube Hoxton Square, Mason’s Yard and Bermondsey.

Thomas Ruff: NUDES, Thursday 8th March 6 – 8pm @ Gagosian Gallery Davies Street.

Thomas Ruff: ma.r.s., Thursday 8th March 6 – 8pm @ Gagosian Gallery Britannia Street.

Composed by Jayden & Ella
Wilkinson gallery is situated at 50-58, Vyner Street, London, E2 9DQ. It's founder Anthony Wilkinson has collected private view cards since the mid 90s. New exhibitions opening this March 1st are Makiko Kudo and Harm van den Dorpel. Open wednesday to Sunday: 1100-1800. Sunday: 1200-1800. Follow on Twitter & check them out on Facebook.

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