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Marc Jacobs in Conversation

This ones for this ones mainly for the “high fashion” kids I see a lot of you on myspace and on this blogin thing.

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I personally have a love and respect for the fashion industry on many different levels

From the fashion houses to the people that work in it, any industry that suffers from the black market in the form of knocks offs as much as they do, but yet still manages to thrive profit wise deserves respect.

I also have the up most respect for those that wish to enter such a competitive industry iv see the pain it can bring to students on various occasions at my uni csm

(once I heard a tutor say some girls fashion illustrations were like a 5 year olds and how fashion wasn’t her area)

Iv even heard stories of tutors at other uni’s ripping up students work ! (How true that is don’t know)

but those that have managed to work there ass off and network like a hoe to get in. (cos that what it really boils down to in this day and age WHO YOU KNOW) really make me proud to say im a part of this creative scene even though i do graphics .

So when I heard Marc Jacobs was coming to my university for a talk, I thought this would be a good event to attend to, as a sudent of a art based subject.a

I hear a lot of people saying they don’t know what the fuss is about this guy but shit is he and his team at Louis Vuitton

are talented mother fuckers I say about 60% of there stuff released by Louis Vuitton is done by him and his fashion team

But before the event even took place you know it wouldn’t be a misterlego blog without a bit of shit crazy goings on !

(Sorry to noddy and kesi and who ever else I tried to get tickets or informed about the event, my uni were going on tight like Mr T’s hairline, one ticket per student and I think lcf and my uni's fashion site got priority.)

So first off it was a trip to the barbers to get a haircut and to see what they had on offer in terms of electronics.

(I really was after a ipod touch, my barbers sells them for a going price of £150 if you cut your hair there on the day) but he only had the usual this time around laptops and oh a nice Samsung dvd recorder with a few Gucci perfumes.

After this I bucked my good and lovely friend Cissi for lunch, a pleasant little Italian behind Selfridge's, Food was next level

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(big your chest up woman, for schooling me on this place)

Holdtight wagamama’s, you shall no longer be my spot where I take females to be whined and dinned.

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straight bacon and cheese movements for me all day long.

After lunch I make my way to uni, thinking that I would just relax in there and get on with a few things here and there work wise, oh and do a much needed piss.

But to my astonishment

I come across this poster

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LIBRARY break in ! ! !

I Couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I wanted to eat my shoes, shit it out and chuck it in some ones head.

I was that outraged. Some had the cheek to come to MY library break in and steal books ! ! ! what losers what poor excuses.

that shit is offensive and of all days when I really needed to use it and go piss ! ! !

at this news I had to make other arrangements to release my urine.

So I decided to go to the alternative toilets. Only to find all the basins were out of order in the form of covered up bin liners.

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Leaving me to have to use the main toilets

(which I don’t really like as you have to touch so much things when you use the main toilets which is disgusting)

but moving closer to the door I heard weird straining noises like some one was giving birth,

then I smelt this weird stench which was consuming the room at a unbelievably fast rate I then realized some one was doing a NUMBER 2 in the toilet maaaaaaaaaaan,

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I couldn’t believe it I was shocked. Everyone knows you don’t do number 2s other than inside your home toilet !

and to top it off he was wearing JESUS sandals as well i was flabbergasted. So I did what I only best whipped out the camera, took a photo and made my way out of that shit box.

As my library was closed I decided to head down to meet a few friends at the LSE library down the road.

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Conversation topics of Boris Johnson, the labor party, bnp, business exams, law exams, social policy and all the smarty pants topics under the sun could only keep me interested for so long so I left not to long after my arrival.

(I got love for you guys but boy are you boring some times!
a little talk about power rangers, cbbc or nickelodeon would have been nice as well)

With so much time to kill, I spotted the hopeful people who were hoping they would be fortunate to grab un collected tickets for the marc Jacobs talk. Please believe me it was a lot.

(it was more or less the nike what the dunk line part2)

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Me being the cunt I’am decided to sit down with them for a bit and poke fun at the fact I had my ticket and they didn’t, my friend Julia (she eventually got in so it didn’t matter and so did quite a few other people come to think of it) but lmao at her wanting to go jet li some oriental girl who seemed to push in line at some point.

Sitting in line I spotted this dude wearing pink under wear, what the fuck you ask ? same question I asked to. Any dude found wearing pink under wear needs to look at themselves in the mirror long and hard and ask themselves were did it go wrong.

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Sitting in line got boring so I went back into uni to the product design department, to buck my brother from another mother aka csm’s funniest guy Marcus, and some of his friends they were all doing work to some 80s Michael Jackson on the macpro

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(our vans game was strong).

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As soon as I entered talk soon turned to who we thought jacked the library everybody was saying it was our entrance guard who has the thickest lensed glasses you have ever seen in your life.

some one said they were as thick as a mobile hahaha and how he could see what you were thinking.

Word from one of the dudes was

The guard had a link with a female and told her he had a place they could go back to, which had lots of BOOKS wink wink, and so he broke in and went buck wild and trashed it, who really knows ?

After all the joke and banter it was finally time for the Marc talk to start.

Me and Marcus arrived only to find out our seats were located all the way at the back of the hall i mean rriiiiiiiiiiiight at the back my fat head was touch the wall and shit !
WHAT THE FUCK ! ! ! Were they afraid the only two black dudes who attended the talk were going to rob Marc or something?

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It started off with talk of his education at Parsons school of design and how he graduated as fashion designer of the year from that institution in 1989 I think or 88 weikipedia that shit your self.

He then Went on to talk about his first job at Perry Ellis in 1992 and how he had no experience in being the head creative director of such a large fashion house.

And how the critics and company hated his first collection for the company so they fired him.

pieces from the his first collection (and last) for Perry Ellis

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(he also touched on the myth of Tom Ford. he had hired Tom Ford at that time for the company Perry Ellis – for those who don’t know who Tom Ford was basically Gucci's savior during the 90s and YSL)

In 1997 Marc then joined Louis Vuitton as was afraid of joining them as they had no clothing range behind them and for him to be the head of such a new established thing was a lot of pressure. What ever he and his team of designers showed the board in the beginning they were never keen on none of the ideas so it took a lot of persuasion to get them to allow his first show.

(Quote of the talk: but after $300,000 of profit they allow me to do what ever I want)

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(his first cat walk for loui) those who been on fashion from a couple of years back would remember them bags with the “graffiti” typeface all over.

I was in year 8 the first time I clocked one of those bags, some girl in year 9 had one. (I new she was on the market tip)

he even exposed Victoria Beckham as well for having a fake one at the time, as they hadn’t even hit shops but yet she was rolling with one.

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He went on to talk about the various collaborations loui v has had with various designers Takashi and some other people, and how they just interpret the artist/designers work into the items, and on some cases it can be hard.

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gave insights on how the team gets inspiration through organized company trips, the team some time go on when they are about to start a new collection. like this collection bellow is based on a trip to Scotland

For this collection below seeing some of this shit made me suddenly feel like I needed a woman to buy this stuff for.

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this boot is sick in the head ! ! ! designed by the fellow on the right

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(Marc doesn’t go on these trips himself as he says, Its not the way he personally likes to work and continuously points out throughout the talk,

“the girl that is going to wear the clothes doesn’t need to be inspired to wear the clothing she just needs to feel good in it and look good in it”)

new collection Louis Vuitton

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Bag on the right is serious
Image Hosted by

suede and python skin bag ! ! !
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shoes entitled blood on the dance floor (no to sure about them though)
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But overall he came across as a cool, funny and appreciative dude.

He never really made claim to his successes being down to him or boosted about his success, but always made reference to his team of designers who work for him and specializes in the different areas of fashion from bags to clothing to accessories etc and how they made him who he is today.

At the end when everyone one was leaving I decided to go into India Jones mood & jump like 12 rows of seats duck and dive some weird looking people. To get a quick chat, handshake and a picture with the guy of the night.

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this talk was up there with the best i have ever been to, and iv been to some very famous art and design heads talks or conferences, Next person I would love to see is Alexander Mcqueen sort it out Peter!

Afterwards it was a trip home to munch some nice fish and pasta (ima a pasta man now)

(sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, the cameras flash broke ! and would only flash at random times, I need to up grade to a SLR and sorry for those who felt the post was kinda long i did my best to condense it but obviously failed)

I took a lot more notes so if you want a little more stuff on some questions that were asked, email me or get at me on my myspace both information can be found by clicking on profile name below the post or at the side ---->


Holdtight Marcus napping at some point during the talk, when there was proper sun light he was cool

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Holdtight Cissi lunch was niiiiize
Holdtight Roc money his doing a lot
Holdtight champion leagues final tomorrow night (full report come Thursday)

Holdtight Peter Clerk events manager for university of the arts this guy is my boy, always giving me the low down on special talks in advance
(Between me and you I new about this marc j thing a good 2months in advance)

Holdtight the female who ever marries me, ima make sure your in this loui v shit baby
Holdtight that dude shitting in the toilet your nasty !
Holdtight Elijah mr.grime do you know any where were I would be able to download
logan sama’s Monday set with Newham Generals ? I feel a sleep just before they started spitting !
Hold tight Ella from lcf not getting at me, could have hooked you up with a last minute on the door ticket woman !

Hold tight Margaret aka miss slick high waisted "chicky dicky" girl

Hold tight MF doom his slyly control my play list at the moment
but im out now, next stop is Cris Rock at the O2 on friday night ! ! !

loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


BreY said...

Daaaaaamn...I'm jealous

Mademoiselle said...

are you and Witts partaking in secret competition for the longest blog?

misterlego said...

woman that shit condensed to the MAX i took a good 200 pictures and much more notes ! ! !
i tried my best lol

jack said...

bruv, your days are alot!!!

who can get tickets for friday?

jack said...

bruv, your days are alot!!!

who can get tickets for friday?

tarns' said...

i feel bad that i skim read the whole thing...but the pictures were nice :D

L. said...

Wow, you really spoke with him, how cool is that. Jealous <333 Would love to read you others notes to.

Ella said...

argh, I know black folk don't change colour, but I'm turning green with envy right now. Lego thanks for putting me on blast like that. I'm Sorry (I think I've learnt my lesson now).

misterlego said...

yea you shld have woman . . . but dont worry i got your back on the next special talk . . .

and jack tickets are sold out for friday . . . i bought my ticket for the even away in JANUARY ! ! !

Josephine said...

i never skim read it...i cherished every word =)

Rachie-Pie said...

Your a funny guy haha!ur post make me laf all the time. I saw this lil poster and I was too late! Argg Ur so lucky U actully got a pik with Marc Jacbobs the dude with the spongebob tattoo. Jealoussss!

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