Thursday, 9 December 2010

BEAT THIS episode 1 ft/ Swindle!

Heard about this through Motive and thought it sounded like a sick idea. The concept is to get a producer to make a beat from scratch in 10 minutes. This is episode one with Swindle.

Watch out for the next episodes, exclusive to Don't Watch That TV

Hang tight Swindle, Motive, Butterz & of course Tim&Barry.


Target from Roll Deep said...

Swindle is some any bedroom producer. My little cousin made a better beat on his glockenspiel in 3 minutes.

Many shoulda drawn for the bongos and bust out a quick ting on them.

Props for the piano in his room still.

Is he bringing out a Lounge Jazz EP for the clubs soon as well?

Dogzilla from OT Crew said...

haha, you sound like you're some any lost bedroom producer who hasn't be able to do much other than upload some noise to soundcloud and then bump it on grime forum.

You can't knock swindle's talent even if you don't like his beats. The guy is talented and has a unique style.

TiMZED said...


Target from Roll Deep said...

Dogzilla I've never seen you on T4 or at the MOBO's.

I've at number 1's and been other countries to play the tracks me and Danny Weed have made.

OT Crew are a bunch of wasteguys who work in Sainsburys to buy they shit music programs.