Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Butterz Grime Review 2010

Out to Elijah once again for maintaining momentum right up until the end of the year with the releases, t-shirts, raves and interviews.

To finish things off he has carried out five skype interviews with Terror Danjah, Dj Vectra, Swindle, Teddy and JJ. Potentially there are some more on the way.

Both interviews discuss the past year and current state within the grime scene along with those MC's, producers and DJ's that have excelled this year and those who look promising for 2011.

It's fair to say that everyone has had their opinion on who has done well in the various corners of the scene this year. Hopefully now the effort that has been seen particularly in the latter period of the year will continue into the next.

In terms of personal predictions for 2011 I think there's a lot still to come from MC's like Kozzie, Merky Ace, Scrufizzer, Rival, Marger and M.I.K. who have taken full advantage of any sort of radio and video exposure that has come their way.

Producer wise I think Darq E Freaker, Dark Tone Sound, Royal T, Jack Daniels, Flava D, Nuklear and J Beatz look to have a lot of fire in the wings and hopefully the initial resurgence we have witnessed with some of the old producers coming back will prevail.

Finally with the DJ side of things I hope that the Pitch Controller, Butterz and Hardrive events continue their success mainly due to the fact that they put more emphasis on the DJs and in turn showcase the less glamorised angle of grime.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Elijah reckons he's going to do 10 parts.

I'll just post the links after No5 or perhaps a selection of my favorites.



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