Thursday, 2 December 2010

The History of the BOOMBOX

The boombox was popular for only a short time, but its effects are still being heard nearly 25 years after the invention of the CD hastened its demise.

Thats how it sounds to Lyle Owerko a new york-based photographer and filmmaker who has immortalized the portable sound device in the book i've been reading recently called The Boombox Project: The Machines, the Music, and the Urban Underground.
For those born after 1990 A boombox was a large yet portable sound system popular between 1978 and 1990. Music fans who owned the devices would typically carry them on their shoulders everywhere they went while blasting their favorite tunes at full volume, often on mix tapes.

It was also called a ghetto blaster, a beatbox or a ghetto briefcase a term director and boombox aficionado Spike Lee considers racist. boomboxes were a primary means of disseminating musical genres such as punk, rap and hip-hop in an era where they weren't being played on the radio or even on MTV.

Peep this documentary I came across about the history of the boombox.

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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