Thursday, 16 December 2010

Stone Island - Factory Tour

So the last few years has seen brands open their doors more than ever. As a customer we now get to see much more of what goes on in the creation of our garments.

Earlier this year for their 50th birthday Dr Martens invited me to check out their factory and meet some of their staff. Now its the turn of Stone Island. What you'll notice straight away with these videos is how much access you actually get. Stone Island is a brand who are the leaders in garment innovation, they experiment to no end in order to create fabrics that are brand new and never before seen. So this is access to a brand who theoretically have a lot to keep to themselves.

For me these videos aren't just an opportunity for us to see where our clothes come from, for me this is Stone Island saying 'we're the best at what we do and confident that no one can touch us'.

The first video sees owner Carlo Rivetti walk us through the factory to see the archive, the machinery and all improtantly to hear the brand philosophy...

Carlo Rivetti's Tour from Stone Island on Vimeo.

Archive room is toooo much.

The second video gives us a detailed look at the dying techniques...


I look forward to seeing what comes next. Get them direct HERE.


Robbie Danger said...

Great. An insight into the philosophy behind British racist nationalist's favourite brand.

Ollie Danger said...

Claim it for yourself homie. Dont watch your enemies!

Ollie Danger said...

Actually how about doing some reasearch and come with the real facts. I'd love to hear some.

I remember hearing that about Hackett years ago too.

spirits said...

not to beg it too hard but i love bntl - never loose sight that everyone watches this site and its set the bar for everyone trying to worm their way into this culture.

take 5 and go check tds or any other blog that i cant be botherd to type and see everyone bite this off. but they cant come up with stuff like this - always feeling the vids ollie mate and know that the majority who know are claiming bntl till the end.

one love

Anonymous said...

How is Stone Island 'better never than late'? The best lines i.e. life saver were produced in excess of 15 years ago. True they come up with the occasional innovative design but aside from their heavy gauge knitwear the quality of their basics is poor IMO.