Saturday, 4 December 2010

PRESENT - Winter 10'

PRESENT have just put their collection online in the form of a lookbook, after having been available on the web-store for some time. It is often said seeing the clothes on brings them to life and this truly is the case with their premiere collection. The highlights are the tartan quilted jackets, as well as the plain elbow patch jumpers. The accessories are equally as delightful, with the quilted holdalls and laptop cases very interesting twists on old ideas.

The full lookbook can be viewed here PRESENT-LONDON


Anonymous said...

whos william fox???

Anonymous said...

Plain and over priced.

Anonymous said...

designs are sayin alot, but must agree over priced!

Daiki Sazuki said...

over priced, perhaps.
but really, overall isnt it just a bit of a tired look?
Part Albam, part Woolrich, part Engineered Garments, part Ralph, part Gitman Bros, part folk, part . . . etc etc. i wonder who's gonna take this 'trend' someplace new? modern menswear seems stuck in a bit of a rut as of now.

That said, good on them for getting it together and doing their own stuff, i suppose. its easy to sit on your arse and slag stuff off. i just find this stuff really uninspiring, im mean if you're gonna do you're own clobber why do something that just sits in the middle of so much similar stuff?

oh but one thing, while im (sitting on my arse and slagging stuff off) ranting on; If i see one more pair of brogue boots with a fucking Vibram sole! aghhh horrid. REMOVE!!!