Thursday, 16 December 2010

Centre Commercial

The two founders of Veja have initiated a new project in france. Combining fashion with social commitment and artistic projects with environmental concerns, they are establishing a space infused by their varied in fluences.

Centre commercial offers labels made in France, Great Britain and Denmark and houses second-hand bicycles, vintage furniture and art works. It is a collective space, uniting local,social and environmental initiatives.

A carefully selected wardrobe of both men and women clothing, accessories
and cosmetics will combine local know how and ecological materials.
Vintage Furniture, lamps and accessories are sourced by antiques dealers.
Revamped Bikes, the bicycles are collected and restored by the social association Ateliers Sans Frontières (ASF).
Temporary exhibitions and art performances will be nurtured. The space will also feature alternative writers and directors.

CentreCommercial, Paris3
CentreCommercial, Paris5
CentreCommercial, Paris4
Picture 1
CentreCommercial_Veja, St James &Gloverall
Picture 2

Centre Commercial wants to slow down the rhyme of our fast-paced society. Reminiscent
in the ways of our grand parents, we favour know-how and continuity. Rather than offering
mere products, we try to curate genuine projects. - Sebastien Kopp & Ghislain Morillion
Founders of Veja

location : 2 rue de Marseille - 75010 (sorry guys only for the french)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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