Thursday, 16 December 2010

Kiss 100 - Hatcha, Crazy D & MC Viper

I went down to the Kiss studios in Oxford Street in the early hours of Wednesday morning for a studio sit in with Hatcha, Crazy D and special guest MC Viper. After winning the competition on Twitter last week, I'd been itching to get down and see how the show runs, meet the guys and document it all for BNTL..

I arrived just after 12 and went upstairs and straight into the studio, Hatcha jumped straight onto the decks to check out his new bits and sort out what he was going to play in the show. Hench top boy Lost was also in the studio checking up on the latest dubstep forum info, shortly after MC Viper rolled up and it was just a matter of waiting to go on air.

1 o'clock soon came and Hatcha jumped upto the platter for an hour of the finest dubstep with support from Crazy D as usual..

Soon it was time for MC Viper to jump on the mic

Massive thanks to Hatcha and shouts to Crazy D, Lost, MC Viper and the people at Kiss 100.


Anonymous said...

shorttie blitz got a handstyle. Nice teach reach too.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason why Viper still persists with that tuft of pum-pum hair on his head top?

Anonymous said...

lost looking like a toddler as always lol nice pics

spirits said...

all due respect and that but who enters contests on twitter? this aint blue peter! nice pics still

Well Dressed Man said...

Another behind the scenes at Kiss FM Dubstep. video on YouTube "TES LA ROK - UK TOUR MAY 2010" you can see / hear Hatcha and Crazy D during the may 26 show.

Anonymous said...

Put a donk on it.