Saturday, 4 December 2010

Pitchfork TV : Bassweight : For one week only

For one week only Pitchfork Media have kindly permitted the streaming of 'Bassweight - A Dubstep Documentary.'

Since the London screening at the White Chapel gallery about 2 years ago I haven't had the chance to watch the documentary again due to a long and quiet period when it seemed as though it might not see the light of day.

I'm very happy that this fantastic documentary has finally been released on DVD which has been highly praised by many journalists, DJs and producers as possibly the best depiction of the history and development of the genre through the last decade.

Bassweight from The SRK on Vimeo.

To watch 'Bassweight' for one week only follow the link

Out to
The SRK for putting the hard work in.
No doubt there's plenty more still to come from them next year!

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Anonymous said...

The link now sends you to a different documentary about who knows what, but it hasn't been a week. Can anybody help a brotha out?