Thursday, 27 October 2011



Having first met Elijah in 2008, it was always evident that he was going to carve a distinct niche for himself in a scene that was flawed in many ways, Grime lacked leadership and individuality, especially where the business end of things were concerned. Having been a part of the early developers of Grime Forum and developer of the more interesting end of the grime blogosphere with Butterz, Elijah would go on to partner with University pal Skilliam, to give the genre a distinctly new sound and more importantly some much needed direction. They've gone on to climb the Rinse ladder and are next to drop a much coveted Rinse CD. The Butterz team have redefined how to put out a Grime record, from the artwork supplied by David Kelly, to the videos they put out to promote the records. Working with the likes of Swindle, Royal-T and Terror Danjah, Butterz have changed the Grime landscape where others bitched, moaned and ultimately failed to progress in a world in which progression is at the very heart of great dance music.

A lot of individuals have started blogs, flirted with music journalism and seen it as the easiest thing to write about, Martin Clark however is in a league of his own when it comes to documenting the scene. His Pitchfork column is by far the best recap and insight any voyeur of London's Grime and Dubstep scene needs for an overview of what's happening there within and the varying apertures in between. Martin also has one of the best blogs around under his DJ moniker Blackdown and alongside Dusk has created some of the best atmospheric music in that scene while also building his own label Keysound Recordings.

Who better placed to catch up with Elijah and Skilliam than Martin? Martin writes the sleeve notes for each Rinse CD and what followed fis an incredibly in depth four part interview with Elijah and Skilliam. Check out PART 1 and PART 2.

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