Monday, 17 October 2011

Supra - Douglas

Got blessed with these the other day from Supra. The kick stopped me in my tracks for sure. 

Supra is a brand that always held it down with good silhouettes about 5 years ago. Then a dude going by the name of Kanye West came onto the scene and it seemed Supra fully jumped on his piece. It looks like those days are on their way out with the introduction of some solid shapes.

This style in question is called 'Douglas' and its clear to see it's not built for faux skating or rocking with skin tight cut off denim. It's got that rugged look to it, blatently 'inspired' by Timberland (no shame in turning to the gods when you're looking to make amends)...




Check out the other flavours from the 'Douglas' range HERE.

Big thanks needs to go out to the don that is Steve Bee. Seems to be doing a good job with a brand that's now on the rise.

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Anonymous said...

Skytop's would have suited you better