Monday, 17 October 2011

Occupy London

Over the weekend London joined several hundred other cities across the world including Berlin, New York, and Madrid, in occupying the city, and establishing a camp in which alternative ideas for the future can be discussed.

The people said this.....


The police responded like this...



Initially intending to occupy the square behind the London Stock Exchange, they settled for pitching tents outside St. Pauls.


Kinda weird that certain parts of london that you think are public are privately owned. A definite cause. Check it out.



James said...

That guy definitely got "absolute" and "relative" poverty confused.

Not disputing the cause or trying to be pedantic. It's just that massively incorrect stats like that on placards are the ones that undermine the point and then get used by the Daily Mail to brand all protesters "idiotic thugs."

Jayden158 said...

Humm. A valid Point. Relative is a much better term. But... more attention should be paid to David Cameron's commitment in 2007 to "Make poverty History", instead relatively poor children are forced into ever increasing hardship.

Do take your point tho - I may edit the pic later!!