Monday, 10 October 2011

Rustie “Glass Swords”

Drops today on Warp. I’ve been playing the album for a few weeks now and if you’re a Rustie / Numbers fan, I don’t reckon you will be disappointed. On first listen towards the end, I thought a whole 13 tracks of crazy electronic synthesizers and intense guitar tones could be a little much as there is no full vocal tracks on the album. But once immersed into the electronic world of Rustie you begin to love each track more and more. With the cheesy 1980’s pop sounds clashing with the deep bass of now and dirty south drum hits the amalgamation of them all works really very well. This is a great debut album by a very talented producer.

Bang this loud and get taken away to your place!

To buy the album on Vinyl, CD or Digital go HERE


Anonymous said...

look at you braggin about how youve been listening to it for weeks because you pirated it and probably won't buy it either, then go and post the link and tell people to buy it.

NOAH'S GHOST said...

Ever heard of a promo copy you stupid fuck?