Thursday, 17 November 2011

Carhartt AW/11 chosen by BNTL

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Carhartt was a brand that brought the BNTL crew together when we started in 2007, it was a brand we all grew up wearing and its still as relevant to us today. In this video we pick and talk about key items that we feel are essential for the winter season. 

The classic blanket lined Chore Jacket is unchanged in over 100 years, this is testament to the brands ethos, add the vest and your more than ready for the British winter. The acrylic hat has become a status symbol, the late 80's and early 90's hip hop scene adopted this hat as their hat of choice. While films like Le Haine gave it cult status and road props, there was no question it would be one of our picks. Heavyweight denim is staple for anyone in the sneaker scene past and present, the variety of shapes on offer this season have managed to stay true to Carhartts roots and yet be innovative.






Adri M. said...

Guys look so good wearing this brand... love it!!

Adri M.

Anonymous said...

surely you could of picked a different colour beanie Oliver?

Anonymous said...

Nice video guys, BNTL has come such a long way since starting and I always check the site thanks!