Friday, 11 November 2011

Emile - Joy (SMA004)

Like a Necromancer delving further into the nether regions of sound, Emile takes Semantic Audio’s darker vibe and transforms it beyond recognition with his latest release, Joy. Embodying what may well sound post-apocalyptic, this EP houses a juxtaposition of sombre, metallic chords with sparse, tribal percussion and abrasive basslines to destructively sublime effect.

From the outset of the eponymous track, there is a touch of abstract Trip Hop represented by the melee of kick drum and snare, but this all falls away to the dominance of a shrill synth that drives the track on into a frenetic dance.

With a different vision, Nolige takes a moment not only to step away from his native D&B (having released on the Renegade Hardware and Foundation X labels), but to navigate his own sonic path, reshaping Joy with his ‘Bassment Refix’. Expressing sentiments of Ghetto Tech style, Nolige’s remix makes much of the original’s tribal minimalism, but with the heaviest sub bass and most deftly impacting drums.

Emile - Joy by Semantic Audio

The final track to grace this EP is Not So Sure, which is an emotive demonstration of Electronica. It moves forward with a sharp, spritely, synth melody, which feels to the ear as ice does to the skin. Coupled with an organic sounding breakbeat, raspy bass and grainy strings, the body of the track develops into the sinewy form of a malignant figure intent on aural discord.

Ironically entitled, this release is of unquestionable quality that makes both its name and its content even more astounding. This is Semantic Audio at its finest.

A massive thank you to Witts for the photography and Dorota Grabkowska for assisting with the artwork :)

Joy is available from iTunes

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