Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Time Is Now

Not long until we can't ignore whats going on all around us. This taxi driver breaks it down quite simply...


Anonymous said...

poor guy needs to get a grip. is this what bntl has come to?

Anonymous said...

what an idiot.

would loved to have seen him during Labour - seeing as it was them that did all the damage. All the cuts by this government is to stop the debt
crisis created by Labour and the governments before (but seeing as labour were in for a few terms we can safely attribute some immediate blame with them), and the crisis in the Eurozone.
Also i doubt 99% of people striking today are doing it against all 'the raping and pillaging' around the world.
He is an absolute mong.
This is tin foil stuff shouting against cuts, but never addressing the hows or whys, or even alternatives.
We could stop the cuts but carry on the immense borrowing - that got spain, ireland, greece, italy etc into would he re-act to that?
Please BNTL stop your politics, as its quite emmbarressing. Get back to wanking over RL and fisheye photos of council estates and sausage fest dubstep raves.

I am not Tory, nor Labour not Lib Dem. All politicians are cunts and id rather be a realist and optimist than an angry clueless theorist.

@OllieDanger said...

Thanks for your contribution.

I'm not saying he's spitting 100% truth but his comments are still interesting.

BNTL has and always will talk about anything we want.

But tell me...why you so angry?

@OllieDanger said...

Make a response video or summit...

Anonymous said...

why you mad doggy?

Jayden said...

The 'poor guys' got a point tho!

No doubt some of the blame can, and should, be attributed to Labour, but thats not surprising as they're part of the same political establishment, and funded by the same groups of people as the tories. We all know real power lies with those controlling the purse strings.

How or why?

Why are governments borrowing and enforcing austerity while heads of FTSE companies take home £18m even when the company makes a loss?

How about tackling the tax avoidance thats common practice and endemic within most major corporations?

With regards to 'raping and pillaging', i'm not sure I would disregard an issue, where their are mass amounts of people dying, so flippantly.

Your statements contradictory. 'Hows and whys?' - im not seeing your alternatives! not a subscriber to conventional politics yet towing the same line.

Anonymous said...

Why are governments borrowing and enforcing austerity while heads of FTSE companies take home £18m even when the company makes a loss?

Ftse 100 companies are within their rights to pay whoever they want, how much they want. There is billions at stake between the success and failure of these companies and as such attracting a good ceo is worth far more to them than 18 mill a year.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the guy who told you to stick to fish eye pics and dubstep raves. leave it out, noone cares about your politics this isn't facebook its a fashion blog.