Wednesday, 9 November 2011

FABRICLIVE - Tectonic 4/11/11

Friday night saw Pinch's Tectonic label take over Fabric along with Critical Sound and Exit. It was definitely a night for live sets with performances from Author, Pursuit Grooves, Adrian Sherwood & Addison Groove in Room One and Consequence showcasing his new album in Room Three.

Pursuit Grooves

The two sets that stood out the most for me were Consequence and Pinch, but a premature departure due to an early start meant I missed the likes of Scuba, Addison Grove & dBridge.

After Synkro had set the tone in Room Three, the crowd turned its gaze to the tall figure looming over the balcony on the other side of the room. Behind a laptop, keyboard and other electrical equipment synonymous with the 'live DJ set', New Zealander, Consequence was ready to showcase his new album 'Test Dream'.


With a slow start, it almost seemed as though Consequence may have been nervous. But it was soon evident it was the build up to the journey he was going to take us on through the album. The deep concentration on Consequence's face only added to the depth and intensity of the music. The set, snaked through the familiar down tempo, industrial and experimental sounds of Autonomic and Exit Records before drawing to a close on a similar note to its opening.


Dub Phizix

Next up were Dub Phizix, who came with their guns blazing drawing for techy Drum & Bass, but it felt only right to go and catch Tectonic head honcho in the Main Room.

The Bristol Dubstep pioneer, was playing what can only be described as bass driven House, which was really really good. I've struggled to grasp a lot of the "Post Dubstep" production and selection from some of Dubstep's pioneers but Pinch's selection just seemed natural, it was evolution into a new sound but with the bass that is so integral to dubstep, still so evident. He slipped in to some old skool grime playing strictly dubs and vinyl, a rariety by today's standards. And finally into Dubstep, dropping a remix of Swish that was pretty spectacular, Mala's 'Eyez' a personal favourite of mine and a few other notable new dubs.


Unfortunatly due to work commitments, I had to leave just after the start of Addison Groove which sounded like it was building to something great..

Addison Groove

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