Sunday, 20 November 2011



This past week I was introduced to UVU, a new brand taking it's design cues from performance innovation to invigorate mens lifestyle fashion. Combining Dominic Stansfield's design expertise with the technical proficiency of the KTC factory, UVU is in it's early stages of development but anticipation is mounting. Dominic needs little or no introduction in men's fashion circles, a graduate from the house of Duffer, he's worked on his own brand Stansfield and PF Flyers amongst others.

UVU is an exciting venture which is setting out to redefine high-performance sportswear without limits. They're creating a range of products which are not compromised by financial or technical limitations. Perfection is what's being strived for and the prototype designs I've seen are testament to this.


The outerwear is remarkable and hopefully the price-points will not be too much of a hinderance. It's rare to see performance clothing executed on this level, with style adding to the substance of items tested and built for the most extreme climates on the planet. UVU have pulled together a range of items which are set to challenge the likes of Arc'teryx.

It's difficult to comprehend lifestyle items in action but the resilience of the technology applied transforms well executed silhouettes into performance enhanced pieces. A standout being the shower proof Oxford shirt with bonded seams. Pouring a bottle of water over the shirt would leave many dismayed but the use of Nano-Technology fabrics have waterproofed the oxford leaving it dry. Impressive to say the least.



It is pretty hard to escape the incessant hyperbole surrounding yet another "new and exciting brand" by the blogosphere. Many of which fail to live up to expectation. UVU wholeheartedly deserves the superlatives it's inevitably going to become accustom to in the coming weeks and months.

The sports performance and lifestyle lines which are set to launch next year, if prototypes are anything to go by are going to change the game.

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