Friday, 2 March 2012

Gwarizm meets: Andrew Bunney


Gary Warnett's blog is synonymous with good rants, a penchant for World Star Hip Hop and magazine scans from what can only be imagined as an Aladdin's cave of 90s and early 2000s sub-culture refuse. He's caught up recently with Andrew Bunney. I first came across Andrew a few years ago from following the Honeyee blog. He has been in the game for a long time and can count Gimme5 and Dr. Marten's as previous employers and has been at the heart of British Streetwear for many years. Now working on two of his own projects - British Remains and his jewellery line Bunney. It's nice to read Gary's transcripts of interviews with other individuals who share a similar passion for sub-culture, these two have a wealth of knowledge and this interview is well worth checking out.


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