Wednesday, 4 June 2008

2p Sausages !

8 in a pack, which by my calculations makes erm
*carry the 5 to the 4, minus the 2, plus the 3 multiply by 2*
equals 16, So yeah 16p for a pack of 8 sausages from Asda
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its a good look, holditght the Jews, Muslims, Rasta's and confused ones around town 16p you gotta reach . .
it probably aint even real pork, wouldn't be surprised if it was some sort of genetically modified crocodile meat.
for more info copy and paste

holdtight the soaps newest crack heads . .

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(i totally agree with you on the picture, she looks like a mobile phone that aint been charged. DEAD)
but fucking hell she wern't having it when she'd had sniffed that coke, all acting like a peckham boy getting moved to by the police, nuts. Patrick's face was priceless when he saw the coke hahaha

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and don't get me started on Sasha from hollyoaks, heroin user now !
stealing laptops from the head teachers office, pissing her pants ah come on woman and on top of all of that shes in love with a dude called fletch . . who looks like the human form of Casper the friendly ghost before he died.
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But all jokes aside its a good role for Nathalie Emmanuel who plays Sasha, i don't remember the last time i saw her get one of the main story lines in the show if ever at that.

loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


Unknown said...

Lool @ 'acting like a peckham boy getting moved to by the police' Ha!
I swear Misterlego you need your own TV show!

Gynelle said...

HA! 'genetically modified crocodile meat' keep out of the science books lego!....but for real- thanks for reminding me i ain't missing anything by boycotting television! hollyoaks used to be the one!

Anonymous said...

2p sausages you know

lol, she was acting like a peckham boy aswell.

and lol@ fletch looking "like the human form of Casper the friendly ghost before he died" you need to stop.

@misterlego said...

you just wait till i do the testing for these sausages tomorrow cant wait to purchase a pack . . . .
16p 16p 16p 16p

witalit said...

16p is a joke. And to think BBC reckon these have 34% pork in. Na man I reckon it has about 3% pork the rest is pure fat or something. Asda cannot make profit out of these.

Anonymous said...

why are the black and grey people in soaps soo stupid??

Anonymous said...


*thinks about it*

OH!, wow, thats a new one!!